Making the switch to VoIP from a traditional phone system can be a difficult choice. After all, you and your employees are already familiar with your current phone system and making a technology change can cause a lot of anxiety.


As a VoIP Atlanta provider, CNP Technologies is able to shepherd your business through the transition process with network assessments, expert recommendations and hands-on training for your new phones. A smooth transition can make all the difference, ensuring that your entire team is comfortable with the new system and that your customers do not experience any downtime during the changeover.


CNP is an Atlanta ShoreTel Partner at the platinum level, meaning we know how to architect a VoIP infrastructure that will make sense for your company now, and as you grow in the future.


Working with a local VoIP Atlanta provider can make a huge difference in your transition to a VoIP system. With CNP, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will have access to local resources and support at every point during the transition.


Investing in technology that will help your company operate more efficiently is a big decision, but with the right VoIP Atlanta partner, you can make the change seamlessly.

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