Businesses embrace cloud

It lets employees work anywhere, makes updates automatic and allows for expansion that doesn’t require capital expenditure.
But implementation leads to important questions:
Will using internet-based software and services be cost-effective?
What are the risks?

Which cloud services should we use?

The right approach is as unique as your business.

CNP brings private, hybrid, and public cloud solutions to the table when we design solutions. We’ll evaluate your needs for security, storage, flexibility, voice, video, collaboration and more.

Take Your Business to New Heights With a Cloud-Based Phone System


The Client: Regional Medical Practice

The Challenge: Overhaul System with Capacity to Expand

IT was critical to operations, needed to store patient information and network communications. But the system—like many others—had been cobbled together over the years: Servers and systems were added to fix immediate problems with no long-term strategy in place.

CNP’s Solution: Maximize Cloud for Ease of Management and Growth

Our engineers worked with the practice to understand their applications, systems, storage and security needs, then designed and implemented a new fully-virtualized server infrastructure. We not only gave them an easy-to-manage, stable networking environment to meet current demands, but one that can expand to keep pace with practice growth.