ShoreTel’s resellers specialize in delivering ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple solution, including training and supporting end customers, alongside their expertise in other disciplines such as LAN, WAN, call center, voice and data application integration. ShoreTel and its resellers share the same goals including the industry’s highest levels of customer satisfaction, ease-of-use for the UC solutions they provide, and low total cost of ownership for customers.

ShoreTel’s reseller community has many great achievers of high levels of customer satisfaction but only the top 10 percent of ShoreTel resellers receive this prestigious recognition. ShoreTel’s focus on customer satisfaction is a core value and the company uses Net Promoter Score (NPS), a globally recognized customer satisfaction scoring system. NPS is a stringent measure of satisfaction that asks the customer not just how satisfied they are but how likely they would be to recommend the reseller to a friend or colleague.

“ShoreTel continues to enhance its product and deliver increased value to existing ShoreTel users as well as offer the best value proposition to prospective customers. CNP and ShoreTel are growing and winning in the market every day which validates that the strategy of both companies from a product and services perspective are right on track.” said Wesley Clark, executive director of CNP Technologies.

“CNP Technologies’ exceptional net promoter score reflects an industry-recognized world-class level of professionalism and customer care in all aspects of the customer experience, it is resellers like CNP that ensure customers are not only satisfied, but delighted, with ShoreTel products and services,” said Don Joos, vice president of global services for ShoreTel.