3 Components of Network Security for SMBs 

For many SMBs, there is a lack of awareness regarding the dangers of a cyberattack. The thinking is that hackers only target large, wealthy organizations. This is simply not true; any business, regardless of size, is at risk.  

As the number of IoT devices continue to grow, network security and management should be a priority for any business. And with the wide variety of applications and technology available to us today, it’s not an easy task to protect your network environment. However, having the ability to monitor and view network traffic gives businesses more of an opportunity to stop a threat before it happens. Here are three critical components you should be aware of as you begin working toward improving network security for your organization.

Zero-Trust Network Access

The security of your network is especially important as it relates to teleworkers. Connecting the dots between the VPN tunnels, corresponding users, and varying devices being used means being protected from the threats of today will require a tougher security approach. According to our partner Fortinet, a Zero-Trust Network Access strategy allows you to:

  • Identify, profile and scan all devices for vulnerabilities
  • Set up and enable ongoing network control
  • Control and maintain network orchestration and automated responses

Having zero-trust policies in place will play a critical role in the security of your network; and this is particularly important since remote workers will likely continue to grow well into the future.

Workplace Mobility

When it comes to a mobile workforce, monitoring end points off the network is a challenge for many companies. Protecting devices that are not on the network can be done effectively through vulnerability scanning, patching policies that are robust, and web filtering (to name a few). When using a VPN, a zero-trust approach allows IT to see and protect every device; even if it’s not on the network.

Securing Multi-Cloud Environments

For businesses that are expanding into multi-cloud environments, security functions need to be in place that can simplify processes and increase efficiency. From branch, to edge, to data center and cloud there should be a centralized way to manage and view the network. Having the right level of security in place means devices and access permissions are evaluated quickly and require the integration of both the network and security sides of the equation.

Putting the right plan together takes some expertise. Don’t go it alone!

CNP can help you take that step to protect data, applications, and assets, and simplify operations with the right tools to maintain the security of your network. Working with Fortinet, we can provide you with exactly the right solution to provide safe, uninterrupted operation with intuitive tools to manage and monitor your network. Contact us today for more information.