Data Protection

Safeguard your business data

Confidently protect your business data

Data Protection is much more than just backup. we can protect your business from downtime and data loss and more importantly, rapidly recover data if disaster strikes.


percent have cybersecurity incident response plans applied
consistently across the entire enterprise


reported facing cybersecurity incidents that significantly disrupted
IT and business operations in the past two years

Data management drives company success. The collection, analysis, and protection of big data is critical to helping companies accomplish key business objectives. Knowing this, organizations are keenly focused on adopting the most cutting-edge tools, top security talent, and data protection software and services to leverage their massive data stores while keeping company and client information safe.

Business Continuity

Increase your organization’s overall preparedness, so you can mitigate business continuity risks and have confidence that your people, revenue and reputations are protected, without needless distractions from their core business.

CNP starts with assessing your current IT infrastructure to determine precisely what your enterprise needs from a technical support services team to help you meet and exceed  your business goals.

With your business continuity needs determined, CNP designs, implements, and maintains strategies and solutions that will give you the peace of mind that your company will be prepared for any threat that may arise.

Our security and recovery experts backup and virtualize your whole IT environment – servers, computer operating systems, settings, applications, and files – and are adept at anticipating problems, so in the event of any issue, your data will be available when and where you need it.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

CNP's security experts can help you set up a backup and disaster recovery plan of action to provide fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data

While Backup and Disaster Recovery are often paired together, there is an important distinction between them. Backup is the process of copying data in case of an accident, Disaster Recovery is the plan of action for quick recovery in order to reestablish access to data, applications, and IT resources. Both are extremely important to your enterprise security and keeping your business on track, even in the case of a natural disaster.

CNP not only helps you determine the best backup method for your data and applications, but also establishes a plan of action in the case of an event or outage so that your business doesn’t lose any important time or data when recovering from a disaster.

It's All About Planning

4 Reasons to have a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan of Action

  • Decreased Productivity: Most modern enterprises rely on data to complete work functions across all teams. If you are missing key data, your staff may not be able to be productive in their roles, leading to low productivity, a failure to reach business objectives, and a loss of revenue.
  • Increased Cost: Scrambling to recover your data after a disaster can get extremely expensive as well as time-consuming resulting in a more costly recovery process.
  • Multiple Threat Types: In today's modern world, there is a broad range of threats from ransomware and malware to physical device damage and natural disasters. Having a plan of action is key to recovering quickly despite any accident or event that might occur.
  • Data Loss: Not having a proper backup and disaster recovery plan can result in temporary data loss as well as permanent loss, which could lead to loss of client trust and overall company profitability.

Email Protection

CNP keeps your email safe and secure, despite a broad range of threats in today's ever-changing business environment

Email is the number one security threat vector—more than90% of cyber attacks start with email. In addition to common email threats like phishing and malware, business email compromise (BEC) has posed a significant threat to organizations.

CNP recommends an Email Protection solution that catches both known and unknown threats that other solutions may miss. Processing billions of messages each day, our solutions see more threats, detect them faster, and better protects you against hard-to-detect malware less threats, such as impostor email. With our Email Protection, you can stop a vast majority of threats before they arrive in your user’s inbox.

  • Multilayered Virus Protection
  • Robust Anti-Spam
  • Advanced protection against malicious URLs and attachments
  • Sensitive data security
  • Redelivery of any lost inbound message
  • Protection of social media properties Image-scanning technology


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