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Mitel + RingCentral: 5 Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud

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CNP Technologies RingCentral and Mitel are both leading unified communication providers with robust cloud platforms which we have offered as separate solutions in the past. But in November 2021, Mitel and RingCentral announced a strategic partnership that will create a new frontier in unified communications.

In order to provide Mitel’s global customer base with a seamless migration path to the #1 cloud-based phone and video platform, Mitel has joined forces with RingCentral. This exciting new partnership enables MiCloud and MiVoice Connect users to take advantage of RingCentral's base of third-party integrations, HD videoconferencing for up to 200 participants, omnichannel contact center solutions, and more.

CNP's team of experts are here to help companies in the Alexandria, VA area with seamless Mitel Cloud to Ring Central migrations, and to provide Mitel MiVoice Connect end of life support in the Alexandria, VA area.

Read on to learn more about this groundbreaking new partnership, how it can benefit your business, and five reasons you should migrate to the cloud with Mitel and RingCentral now.

A New Frontier in Unified Communications

You may be wondering why Mitel chose to partner with their top competitor, RingCentral, in the first place. For starters, RingCentral’s cloud platform is currently rated as the #1 UCaaS provider by Gartner and many others. They have a proven track record of being the #1 cloud provider for the better part of a decade!

Meanwhile, Mitel continues to lead in onsite and private cloud solutions. While it’s true that more businesses and applications are moving to the cloud, not all businesses are ready to take that step. For the businesses that still need an on-site solution, flexibility is key. Cloud communications may be on their horizon, and the partnership between Mitel and RingCentral provides a seamless path through that migration process when they’re ready. This is an excellent complement to Mitel’s leading UC on-premises, subscription, and private cloud solutions.

Ultimately, this partnership gives Mitel customers more choices, offering a comprehensive suite of cloud communication and collaboration services and providing for the full range of potential business communication needs at top level performance. You’re getting access to the very best solutions of the world’s top performing business communications vendors, all from one partnership.

So, Mitel and RingCentral have joined forces. How does that benefit your company?

Find Out!

5 Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud Today

Affordability: Save 30% or more in comparison with other vendors, with all-inclusive pricing from a single provider. If you’re already a Mitel customer, you’ll save over $5 per month by upgrading and have access to special, limited time offers from CNP. Plus, get discounts on annual commitments and price-lock guarantees in most cases.

Simplicity: With a dedicated onboarding specialist to ensure a smooth installation process every step of the way, seamless compatibility with a variety of systems, and hundreds of easy-to-implement integrations with apps you already use, setup in RingCentral MVP is a snap. In fact, RingCentral is PC Mag’s top pick for cloud PBX, beat out Microsoft Teams for best business communications tool, and received the highest overall rating in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice report.

Mobility: RingCentral MVP supports the evolving workforce for remote, hybrid, and onsite businesses - any device, anywhere, anytime. RingCentral's mobile app enables 24/7access to desk phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones from one unified platform. It’s the best foundation to support the growing shift to remote and hybrid work models and provides the best flexibility for ongoing change.

Ease of Migration: With market-leading reliability and minimal to no disruption to your business, RingCentral MVP makes migrating to the cloud easy and seamless. Phone and equipment upgrades are available in some cases and transition of services are provided by CNP and RingCentral conversion teams to make your journey to the cloud quick and simple.

Robust Features: RingCentral’s Message Video Phone™ (MVP®) is Mitel’s go-forward UCaaS solution and offers a host of features, including:

  • 99.999% call service uptime
  • Full HD Video and Audio with up to 200 participants and 24hr meeting duration
  • Robust Security and Compliance features
  • Real-time insights and analytics
  • Mobile Applications providing access to desk phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • 279+ third-party integrations and more than 500 APIs
  • 24/7 Support, omnichannel support, migration support, upgrade support, and compatibility with many VoIP phones including Mitel, Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, and Unify
  • Contact Center features available
  • and more!

Power Connections Today that Transform Business Tomorrow

The key takeaway is that RingCentral MVP is an innovative, global cloud platform that brings together message, video, and phone on any device, from anywhere, into a single platform to empower business on a modern and flexible scale. It’s the #1 phone and video system for connecting your team and your customers, supporting effective collaboration, and promoting productivity in your business – regardless of your workforce model.

The Mitel/RingCentral partnership has enabled MiCloud and MiVoice users to take advantage of RingCentral's feature rich and award-winning cloud services, and you can leverage those benefits for your business today! CNP and RingCentral's conversion teams are standing by to ensure a seamless migration, with special pricing and discounts for a limited time, so you can get started on your cloud journey right away.

If you’re ready to learn more about moving from Mitel MiCloud or MiVoice Connect to RingCentral or to start as a new customer with the #1 in cloud communications, reach out to us here, email us at, or call at (888) 973-3737.