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Why SMBs (Small to Mid-sized Business) Should Partner with Network Security Experts

A business owner used to be kept up at night thinking of how to create new products, take better care of customers and predict competitors' next moves. That is no longer the full picture. Technology has changed the world, opening markets that used to be unavailable. It has also, however, increased the number of potential threats. Those nightly thoughts certainly remain, but now they likely come with nightmares about data leakage, intellectual property theft and ransomware.

No matter the business, technology is surely involved. You are an expert in your business, and the last thing you need to do is become a network security expert. Let us look at four ways to enhance your network security program so you can rest easy at night. Our network security support and consulting experts at CNP Technologies can help you with all of them.

Professional wireless networking for better security

It would be hard to find a business that does not have wireless networking. But too often, small businesses rely on consumer-level wireless networking rather than a robust, personalized solution.

Gone are the days of a home Wi-Fi router sitting on top of the filing cabinet in a corner. Today, your business needs a solution that not only offers strong performance but also secures your network against eavesdropping from the coffee shop next door.

Our experts can conduct a wireless site survey with a heat map. This will allow us to implement the perfect wireless network for your needs. We can create separate SSIDs (wireless networks) for your employees, guests, and devices (like thermostats) for higher performance and security.

We can also turn down the power of the access points near the exterior of your office, so you do not broadcast your signal any farther than necessary. Your employees will be happier, more productive and, most importantly, more secure with a professionally installed wireless network.

Phishing protections with network security support and consulting

Email is a fact of life. You may live and breathe it, or you may avoid it at all costs. But the fact remains that businesses rely on email. The bad guys know this, and unfortunately, email is a cheap and effective way for them to infiltrate businesses.

Phishing occurs when someone sends you an email requesting information, generally through an expired password or an improper order. Think PayPal logins and Amazon orders. Also, too often, computer users will reuse the same password across services. So, if your employee uses the same password for Netflix as they do for your network, you are at risk.

CNP Technologies' network security support and consulting team can help in two main ways. First, we can implement powerful email security filters that will catch many bad emails before your team ever sees them. Second, for the few emails that do make their way in, our team offers training on how to spot fraudulent emails to cut down on attacks. Email is not going anywhere, so make yours as secure as possible.

Ransomware relief

With many options to choose from, we know selecting the best data center solutions provider can be overwhelming. Look no further and choose us because we bring:

So how do you fight this attack? You need a multi-layered defense. Much of the malware that makes up ransomware is delivered via phishing emails. (You now know how to mitigate phishing attacks from the above section.) For more protection, implement a next-generation anti-virus. This is also known as an endpoint protection platform or endpoint detection and response.

Most important is recovery. Our network security support and consulting team can implement a recovery plan that has images of all the configurations of computers your company uses. We can also store full backups of the systems, whether through servers, USB hard disks or cloud storage. This will allow you to quickly reinstall the affected systems and, more importantly, recover your data.

Enhanced data security

All businesses have data. Some only have it for a few invoices, while others' entire operation revolves around it. Wherever your business falls, you want to protect your data. The CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) is the standard model of securing data. To ensure your business continues to thrive, you need to protect your data from:

  • Intellectual property theft. This can include drawings and technical papers like patents and codes. 
  • Insider threats. These can bring down a business quicker than an outside attack. As your business grows, so does this type of threat.
  • Data leakage. It usually comes in the form of a wrongly configured cloud storage device. This is a common way of leaking data on the internet. Our network security support and consulting experts can create a solution that keeps your data safe in your network, where it should be.

What is next?

You know your business. We know networks. When you partner with CNP Technologies, you get more than a vendor. You get a network security consultant that will understand your business first so we can secure your network second. Contact us today to get started with your network security support and consulting services.