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CNP Technologies is your trusted local ShoreTel Support and consulting partner in the Atlanta, GA area. As your preferred ShoreTel consultant, we are your one-stop shop for all things related to your business phone systems. Contact us today to speak to a ShoreTel consultant.

Communication is essential for the operations and growth of a business. As such, you need to ensure you have secure and reliable communication systems. This ensures that employees can:

  • Coordinate with maximum effect
  • Keep in touch with current and prospective clients

As technology advances, it creates new mediums and opportunities to communicate. Thus, a solution that integrates all platforms becomes a valuable tool.

ShoreTel unified communication systems can help with this. In so doing, it helps improve workplace productivity and efficiency. By becoming better connected, your teams can get more done.

At CNP Technologies, we provide B2B ShoreTel support and consulting services in the Atlanta, GA area. We'll partner with your company to design, implement, and roll-out an approachable communications solutions.

What is ShoreTel?

Shoretel is a business communication system. It offers VoIP telephony systems across enterprise-level companies and SMBs. The ShoreTel phone systems unify company-wide communications in a single dashboard. Moreover, they’re user-friendly, making them even more appealing.

The Power of ShoreTel

Shoretel helps organizations unify their communication. This includes VoIP, video conferencing, instant messaging, mobility, and devices. We appreciate that every business is different. Technology infrastructures offer different configurations. As such, the mode of use varies between organizations, hence varying results in communication.

Our support team can partner with your company every step of the way to create a solution that works for you. This may involve:

  • Selecting the correct ShoreTel system suitable for your company
  • Configuring everything to suit your operating environment

What’s more, we offer ongoing Shoretel consulting and support services. These are ideal for two scenarios:

  • If your IT team is unable to provide the required assistance for a ShoreTel application
  • When your IT team is unavailable

Benefits of ShoreTel Telephony Systems

First, ShoreTel integrates a company’s essential communication features into a single, easy-to-use solution. These include VoIP, video conferencing, online collaboration, and instant messaging.

With this, there’ll be no need to maintain separate tools for different communication mediums. As a result, it also becomes easier to maintain communication systems.

Additionally, ShoreTel offers a smarter cloud-based telephony system. With this comes flexible services that extend beyond mere dial tones. Moreover, ShoreTel is available throughout the US and works globally. This is why it’s hailed by many users as a brilliant communication solution.

Shoretel is an end-to-end phone system provider. As such, it has an in-built cloud platform engineered for the highest functionality and reliability.

If you consider communication a strategic part of your company, you’ll enjoy ShoreTel technology. This is because it offers customized solutions for organizations, ensuring you get just what you need. Moreover, you can integrate ShoreTel with other business applications. With this, you'll have granular data measuring everything it manages.

Why Hire ShoreTel Support and Consulting Services?

Let’s face it, for any business to thrive, communication systems need to be efficient. But that's easier said than done. As your ShoreTel support and consulting company, we’ll help you achieve this.

Our services are holistic. This allows us to be your one-stop shop for business phone system solutions. Beyond assistance with implementation, you'll have access to our skilled ShoreTel support team.

We offer tech support for all ShoreTel and Mitel products. This includes replacing critical hardware and software upgrades. In addition, we also provide prompt personal customer care and support 24/7.

At CNP Technologies, we understand the importance of having the best solutions. Moreover, we know keeping costs low is equally important. As you prepare for system upgrades, we’ll help you make investment decisions that will offer you the most value.

Once everything is in place and working efficiently, you can maintain your ShoreTel phone system. But why go through the hassle when you can capitalize on our expertise and experience? With our support, you’ll be sure that your communication systems will remain at optimum levels.

We know your unified communication system delivers more than client and team conversations. It also provides intuitive access to business applications. These essential tools can improve your company’s business processes entirely.

As they migrate to the cloud, we offer support to our enterprise customers (with on-premises phone systems). We provide secure connections to help migrate their data to the cloud. Our team has years of experience supporting many similar client migrations and integrations.

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