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CNP Technologies has been a leading managed service provider of IT support for banks in the Augusta, GA. When it comes to assessing your bank’s networks and business-critical systems, we provide IT professionals who get the job done. We also offer network security consulting services, meaning that our specialists can provide meaningful insights to help you pass those stressful audits and keep your bank’s data safe.

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IT support for banks is complex

Within the broad finance industry, banks have very different demands compared to other sectors when it comes to IT support. More often than not, banks tend to have many sites for branch offices and bank locations. This creates a situation where networking, system standards and the security considerations required to remain in compliance cause widespread management issues.

Technology challenges for banking

Not every industry can slam on the brakes and remodel their entire business. Indeed, some banks just can’t afford the costs of that much downtime. In fact, some are still using older components, which means finding the right staff for IT support can be difficult. Plus, maintaining legacy systems and apps for business-critical operations is a priority concern for banks. This is because uptime and availability for customers are what lead to success.

Also, modern web and mobile applications are a customer expectation these days. Blending these technologies with legacy back-end components requires staff with incredibly broad skill sets. This can make hiring and keeping the staff necessary to support IT systems an impossible task. Trying to manage networks all over the country means that banks are constantly struggling to maintain baseline standards. This has a major impact on the quality of service, as well as finances.

Furthermore, regulations are typically a determining factor for most technological decisions. Ensuring that network security controls are in place and properly configured is required by compliance standards for banks. They must either heavily invest in trained personnel year-round or find another solution.

Dependable solutions for banking’s technology challenges

At CNP Technologies, we can implement the industry’s latest solutions to help modernize your bank’s core business operations. Rather than continue with outdated technologies that can't handle today’s high-volume workloads, we can point you in the right direction.

Virtualization technologies and cloud solutions offer incredible savings by removing hardware and software from your data center that is costly to maintain. This goes for identity and access management solutions as well. Multifactor authentication is a must in today’s world, which is why one of our partner solutions may be right for adding that extra layer of defense.

With so many locations, all with their own user base, email is another problem that your bank must deal with. By selecting a reliable partner to provide IT support for banks, your entire company can remove the email servers and overhead at each location.

The same can be said for those aged telephone services in your bank’s infrastructure. These costly and hard-to-maintain telephone services can be replaced with modern VoIP phones. They not only make the set-up of new workstations much faster, but they also use the network cabling already distributed throughout your bank’s work area.

What CNP Technologies can do for your bank

If waiting on technicians to make those long drives to your site to help fix issues has you worried, we already have it covered. Our IT professionals are on standby for remote assistance to support your bank’s systems and networks. It is as simple as logging in and getting to work, the same as an on-site systems administrator. 

Rather than relying on a single staff member to be an expert at everything, we have an entire team of support professionals to offer help when it’s needed the most. Your bank can expect high-quality expertise in the following areas:

  • VPN setup and maintenance
  • Cloud services
  • VoIP phone implementation
  • Multifactor authentication solutions
  • Network security consulting

Do not let the next audit, downed service or security breach be your bank’s downfall. With our expertise and leading-edge solutions at your disposal, you can eliminate the headaches that are preventing your bank from operating as smoothly as it should.

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