Making the Move from ECC to MiContact Center Business 

The Customer Experience Landscape

All you have to do is look around and you’ll see plenty of people on their devices.  They’re reading, interacting, researching and making transactions.  This new way of communicating has changed the way the American consumer wants to interact; we’ve become more independent, and frankly, impatient. With a culture that would rather choose the self-service option, we rarely have the desire to wait for an agent to help us. In addition, social media is playing a big part in making it easy to share consumer experiences, which puts the heat on companies to make sure their customers have a positive experience. In order to keep pace with market demands and competitive position, companies need to be able to support the needs of their customers in a manner to which they are becoming accustomed.

Enter Mitel’s MiContact Center Business (MiCC)

Even with all this technology, personalized service is still important, and consumers want an informed customer experience.  For your business, that means being able to get questions answered quickly and problems swiftly resolved in the way that’s preferred by your customer, with the goal of satisfying their needs in a timely manner.

MiCC has been used on various Mitel platforms for several years and is now ready for prime time for customers who are still on legacy ShoreTel’s ECC (Enterprise Contact Center) product. Now that the MiCC product works on the Mitel Connect platform, legacy customers can migrate to this newer, more robust solution and make it work in their existing Mitel premises environment.


Why migrate to MiCC?

MiCC offers plenty of features that make it simple for companies to interact with their customers.  A highly flexible contact us page, for example, automatically provides quick access to all the ways they can communicate with you.  The ECC product was simple to use, with great features that really helped accelerate the contact center.  Continuing to “keep it simple”, the average MiCC user doesn’t have to be a technical person at all, so rest assured MiCC will be everything you expect and more. Take omnichannel presence -- it’s very important to consumers today -- so the emergence of SMS text is one feature your customer base will likely want to utilize when interacting with your company.  With ECC you can text, but you do it over email so it’s not a real-time media, so SMS in real-time is one feature that is a big move forward for contact center solutions.

Open media is another feature that MiCC offers and is basically the ability to add other interesting channels that may work for a contact center.  Not just phone and email, but texting, document sharing and processing and even social media.  Having a play to add additional channels is forward thinking and keeps you ahead of the curve when it comes to giving the customer what they need in order to cater to their desired method of communicating.   

Consider the Benefits

Everyone is talking about cloud, but not everyone is ready to make the transition.  If you’re not ready to take that step, take a look a MiCC and see how it compares with what you can do now.  There are some pretty slick built-in features that make it easy to use with drop-down menus and simple point and click.  And it’s worth mentioning that Mitel understands the investment you made in your contact center technology and has an interest in helping you put your customers first to drive satisfaction.  Here are few important benefits for those who choose MiCC:

  • Empower your customers by giving them the communications options they want
  • Streamline operations with the ability to examine both center and individual interaction performance
  • Give agent and supervisor productivity a boost with tools to enable more informed decisions
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and reduce cost and complexity of migrating

Special Offer

Mitel genuinely wants to help you take that step!  When you migrate from MiVoice Connect Contact Center on the MiVoice Connect on-site platform to MiContact Center Business, those who are actively covered by Mitel Software Assurance (SWA) will qualify for the free equivalent MiContact Center voice agent, supervisor and administrator licenses.  Ask us today how you can get started.