Ten Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Cisco Meraki Cybersecurity 

Thanks to advancements in tech, businesses have the ability to produce, expand, and profit like never before. The virtual space is seemingly boundless, allowing you to place your economic footprint almost anywhere in the world.

However, with boundless capabilities comes heightened risk factors. One of those risk factors is the increased chances of encountering a security breach.

Businesses like yours require solutions that can protect them at a price that ensures a substantial return on your investment. Thus, we suggest Cisco Meraki cybersecurity products to our clients with your particular needs. 

This article will explore ten reasons why Cisco Meraki cybersecurity products are a wise investment:

What Is Cisco Meraki Cybersecurity?

Cisco Meraki’s product line includes tools that enable companies like yours to configure security for the following list of items via an internet-connected browser:

  • Routers.
  • Firewalls.
  • Switches.
  • WiFi networks.
  • Internet-connected devices. 

Through Cisco Meraki’s cybersecurity offerings, you’ll have an efficient, streamlined way to configure 100% of your company’s network. Businesses no longer need to manage these various endpoints individually. Instead, they can be updated and configured from one place with Cisco Meraki.

Why Should You Invest In Cisco Meraki Cybersecurity?

Below is a list of ten reasons to invest in Cisco Meraki cybersecurity products. Some of these talking points will be more high-level and big-picture. Other parts of this article will delve more into the nitty-gritty details. 

1. Cybersecurity Risks Are On The Rise.

It’s estimated that 2022 saw $7 trillion in cybercrimes. This number is expected to rise to $10.5 trillion in just a couple of years. Even scarier, the average cost per cybercrime in 2022 neared $4.5 million.

In 2021, well over 40% of small businesses experienced a cyberattack. Note that the umbrella for small companies is a wide one. You can have up to 1,000 employees and still be viewed as a small business based on certain classifications. Thus, a wide range of “smaller” organizations are at risk–even those with ample resources.

To the above point, as a small business becomes more expansive in its overall scope and workforce, more risks are at play.

Cybercriminals are an astute bunch, undoubtedly. They know how to capitalize on vulnerabilities. They can detect when your security practices are fractured and siloed. They’re fully aware when a system has various parts that don’t quite add up to a cohesive sum.

Numerous growing pains can occur as your needs grow more complex. Thus, your business requires an immediate solution that unifies your company-wide cybersecurity. 

We’ll delve more into the specifics later–but Cisco Meraki provides that single, omnipresent pane of glass to stabilize your cybersecurity protocols. You don’t need to manage endlessly siloed moving parts that pull you in a million directions. Cisco Meraki offers one place to manage thousands of devices and endpoints.

2. Time Is Money.

As much as you need robust cybersecurity to stave off increasingly savvy and persistent criminals, you need that tool to operate with time efficiency in mind.

The world is moving at a mile a minute. Customers want solutions at the snap of a finger. You need to get products and services to market in a timely fashion to stay ahead of your competition.

Plus, technology itself is evolving at an exceptional rate. Keeping up with this evolution is the difference between being ahead of the curve or behind the pack.

Trying to satisfy your cybersecurity needs when dealing with devices and endpoints individually plainly isn’t time-efficient. 

Even if you have an in-house security team, limiting them to a siloed approach won’t allow them to maximize their time. They end up drowning in minutiae instead of being proactive and developing strategies more rooted in company growth.

Rather than chasing your tail, Cisco Meraki empowers your company to move with velocity. That’s the benefit of having this one-stop-shop style of cybersecurity management. You and your people can rest assured your security protocols are robust without pouring endless hours into the required processes.

3. Inefficient Tech Will Cost You Money.

Poorly performing tech leads to enhanced downtime. 

Small businesses suffer substantially, with downtime often leading to employees only producing at 57% of their capabilities. Medium size and larger organizations can only produce at 67% of their total capacity during recovery periods. 

Consider how much you’re paying your team and how downtime means money is dedicated to substandard productivity. 

It’s not your team’s fault, though. Your people are working with the tools they have.

Cisco Meraki has many features that mitigate downtime. You can rely on top-tier performance from Cisco–look no further than Gartner’s sterling review of Cisco Meraki for proof.

4. Cisco Meraki Cybersecurity Is A Boon During The Remote Work Era.

COVID-19 is no longer a worldwide emergency. Thus, remote work is far from the norm it was during the pandemic.

Nonetheless, remote work has grown exponentially relative to how things were pre-COVID. As of February this year, 30% of all work being done was remote. 

Remote work has broad implementations, too. Your team can be mainly in the office and work from home sometimes. Or, they might work from home during their free time–depending on the demands of their job.

With the advent of remote work comes heightened cybersecurity risks since employees access your systems and move company data outside of the enterprise tech parameters. That is an inherent risk that Cisco Meraki cybersecurity products mitigate because it protects your company across all locations.

5. Easy Deployment.

A critical advantage of Cisco Meraki is how easy it is to get up and running. The process is as such:

  • Log into your account.
  • Start managing settings and devices.

It’s literally that easy. There might be a minimal learning curve–but nothing too extensive since the user interface is highly accessible.

6. Cisco Meraki Cybersecurity Supports Exponential Business Growth.

All business leaders have a pragmatic voice in their heads. They get a big and bold idea, but this voice presents the challenges this potentially game-changing idea presents. As long as the pros outweigh the cons, you can move ahead.

However, when looking to grow your business exponentially, the cons and pitfalls can pile up quickly. Suddenly, you feel like you’re trapped in a box because allocating the appropriate resources to support your expansion seems like a pipedream.

Cisco Meraki equips companies like yours to expand exponentially at a moment’s notice. It rebukes arguments against growth because its cloud-based capabilities grant you access to almost unlimited resources.

7. Giving Smaller Teams A Heavyweight’s Power.

Cisco Meraki doesn’t quite reach the power levels of Cisco’s advanced product lines. Still, it packs a substantial punch that bolsters the operations of small-to-medium-sized businesses. You’re receiving a colossal bang for your buck if you run such an organization. It’s an impressive enterprise solution with price points catered to smaller teams on a budget.

8. Reap The Benefits Of The Industry-Leading Cisco Meraki Firewall.

The Cisco Meraki MX firewall is a crucial component of Cisco Meraki cybersecurity products. 

One of the primary features of the firewall is layer 7 traffic classification. This feature analyzes up to layer 7 network traffic by incorporating state-of-the-art fingerprinting to identify content, applications, and users throughout the network.

Each network flow is categorized with the Meraki layer-7 feature. Thus, affected devices can enforce access control policies. For example, a device can prioritize video conferencing while blocking Netflix.

Moreover, the Meraki firewall’s intrusion detection engine uses a mix of anomaly, signature, and protocol-based inspection methods to provide ironclad network security. 

There’s also the Cisco Meraki firewall’s identity-based and device-aware security. These controls enable administrators to enforce suitable network access levels for all device classes. 

9. Leverage The Cisco Meraki Dashboard.

All Cisco Meraki products come with access to the Meraki cloud-based management dashboard.

The highly intuitive Meraki Dashboard is a hub for all network management facets and is known for its streamlined features. Plus, it’s available locally 24/7/365, granting you the ability to monitor your network’s overall health no matter where you are. 

10. Cisco Meraki Cybersecurity Products Are Highly Comprehensive.

Here’s a list of features that get a bit more specific about what Cisco Meraki cybersecurity products offer users:

  • Geographically-influenced firewall rules.
  • Anti-virus tools.
  • Anti-phishing features.
  • Industry-leading malware protection.
  • Automatic updates to software and devices.
  • Detailed, high-level network visibility.
  • Automatic intrusion prevention and detection.
  • Cutting-edge content filtering tools.

Your business covers every facet of its cybersecurity needs with Cisco Meraki at a price that makes sense. Contact CNP Technologies today to learn more about what Cisco Meraki cybersecurity products can do for your business. Plus, we’d love a chance to discuss our other managed services. We want to do everything possible to take your business to the next level. 

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