Cloud Services

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Modern business happens in the cloud

CNP specializes in private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions and has years of experience helping companies select the right infrastructure to meet their business needs in a way that is secure, practical, and cost effective. This includes solutions for voice, video, security, mail, storage, and more.

Our cloud services take your business into the modern world, enabling nearly limitless growth potential. Modernizing your business with CNP's cloud services provides multiple benefits:

Increased Productivity

Help your employees be more
productive by providing them
streamlined IT operations,
collaboration tools, and
accessibility to files and data
from wherever they might be - anywhere, anytime.

Secure Data Storage

CNP provides secure offsite data
storage solutions, cloud-to-cloud
backups and data protection,
tailored private cloud
Infrastructure as a service
solutions to keep your company
and client's data safe and secure.

Centralized Management

Enable easily access secure
files and data across multiple
locations or even remotely with
secure SD-WAN and scalable
managed solutions for both
single offices and multi-location
enterprises across the world.

Enhanced Scalability

Cloud services provided by CNP
help keep your company nimble, no matter how many locations or offices you have. They easily scale with you, providing flexible and secure options that stay up to date with automatic updates.

Developing your cloud strategy

Business Assessment and Cloud Strategy

CNP partners with you to assess your current business needs, communications strategies, and cloud readiness. We then develop a cloud strategy that will work best for your current resources, and future business objectives. Finally, we map out the migration process, working alongside you to determine the best cadence and plan of action for migrating your data to the cloud.

Collaboration Software

By helping you deploy Microsoft 365 and Teams, CNP can deliver powerful collaboration tools to help boost your workforce's productivity. From videoconferencing and group chats to easily sharing files and accessing Microsoft apps on the go, CNP helps your team collaborate from wherever in the world they may be located - anywhere, anytime.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategy

CNP can help create a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy such as onsite data replicated for data recovery, or workloads and storage in the cloud. We are able to seamlessly bring multiple cloud strategies together with a single cloud storage platform that will keep your business agile, safe, and secure.

Cloud Migration

CNP's experienced and knowledgeable engineers provide unparalleled technical expertise and consulting services to create a plan of action or roadmap that ensures zero disturbances as we help you effortlessly migrate to the Cloud.

Cloud Storage Solutions

CNP offers multiple cloud storage solutions across public, private and hybrid options. We partner with you to determine which cloud storage model is right for your business depending upon your scalability, security, pricing, and customization needs.

Public Cloud Storage

Essentially renting space in a service provider's distributed data center infrastructure, public cloud storage delivers cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). A public cloud can scale easily and runs fully automated, making it a great business storage choice based on pricing and efficiency.

Private Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage requires your company to set up your own dedicated cloud storage infrastructure. While this option may not be the least expensive, it can increase your data security and be completely customized based on your  business storage needs.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud storage is exactly what it sounds like: a combination of both public and private cloud storage models that can provide maximum agility based on your company's needs. CNP can help you determine which model is best for your business objectives.

Cloud Networking

Now considered standard for building and delivering applications for modern business, Cloud  networking provides you with the agility necessary to compete in today's world. CNP helps you modernize quickly with cloud networking solutions designed to provide secure access to services and applications, reducing your risk, cost, and complexity while helping boost operations and accelerate your business.

Cloud networking is an umbrella term for the connectivity to and between all variations of on-premise, edge and cloud based (e.g. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) services.

Benefits of a well-executed cloud networking strategy include:

  • simplification for lifecycle management
  • user experience assurance
  • reduced time-to-market for service roll-out
  • lower operational costs
  • reduced risk for applications and data


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