Professional IT Resources

Technical resources at your fingertips

The expertise you need at a lower cost

Expand or replace your internal IT capabilities, without the need for significant capital investment or a commitment to hiring full-time personnel. CNP employs a deep bench of technical IT professionals from senior engineers to subject matter experts, project managers, technical account managers, and help desk technicians. These resources hold industry-recognized certifications across many different technology providers and solutions. They are deployable for project engineering, staffing engagements, dedicated support resources, and managed help desk.

Managed IT Resources

Talent that delivers like your dream team would

Companies rely on CNP to provide the IT engineering and operational talent they need to accelerate innovation and grow their businesses.

Our experienced engineering and communication teams deliver better and more cost-effective outcomes without the hassles of hiring. You can quickly deploy them to supplement your team with skilled and expert personnel on a per-project basis or procure them on-site to manage your overall infrastructure and operations.

  • Cut costs on hiring and retaining permanent staff
  • Get better resources with the expertise you need
  • Backed and supported by the CNP's expert staff
  • Project based resources to accelerate delivery and enhance quality
  • On-site resources to better manage your operations

Dedicated Services Team

Support services tailored to your business needs

Outsourcing your IT service and technical support helps you focus on what you do best: growing your company. Even stable and well- designed IT environments have their moments – especially in high-growth situations. Our experts are ready to take on that responsibility for you 24/7 and turn stressful IT problems into satisfied users and customers.

  • CNP provides a team of engineers assigned to a small set of customer networks
  • Allows for a tailored support approach based on the customers technology needs
  • CNP engineers become an extension of the internal IT resources and the customer business.

Project Engineering and Management

Customized to fit your implementation and project needs

CNP provides fixed-priced and time & materials-based project and project management resources to plan, manage and implement IT projects within our Build, Manage, and Protect business model. 

CNP has an extensive and long track record of delivering quality work, on time, under budget, and as planned. Don't try to go it alone - get the experience and expertise you need to accelerate and delivery better quality projects.

  • You don't have to hire more employees
  • Get access to a larger talent pool
  • Lower labor costs with better expertise, delivery, and quality
  • Bring a fresh expert perspective to your organization

Is my company ready for CNP's Professional IT Resources?

Check all that apply

  • My company is growing too rapidly to spend time hiring a full IT staff
  • We currently lack the budget to have our own in-house IT staff
  • My IT staff is overworked and we need help
  • There are gaps in our IT expertise that may not require a new full-time hire


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