Virtual CIO Services

Access to a team of strategic resources

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Customer expectations, a worldwide pandemic, the global political climate, changing workforce conditions, and multiple other shifting paradigms amplify the risk, cost, and complexity drivers that keep business leaders up at night. Access to diverse resources with broad experience is critical. CNP provides these services to businesses from 100 to 5000 employees in industries such as health care, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

How We Work

CNP approaches the traditional vCIO model a bit differently than others. Not intended to replace or outsource key IT Leadership in your organization, our vCIO business is focused on providing technical and strategic business insight, serving as decision support for your senior IT leadership, and helping you develop and execute IT plans and roadmaps that give you the right solutions to support your core mission while minimizing the cost, risk, and complexity of the modern IT challenges. Most of the time this is done working with and beside your existing team and leadership.

CNP has a team of senior IT and telecommunications leaders with deep technology and IT business backgrounds. CNP vCIO resources may be deployed as an assigned resource working directly with you, or as a number of different senior resources on the team depending on the topic/need.

CNP's team get's up to speed quickly with a four-pronged approach to delivering the IT leadership and support where you need it most:

  1. 1
    Initial Inspection and Evaluation
  2. 2
    Strategic Planning and Execution
  3. 3
    Decision Support and Validation
  4. 4
    Recommendations and Management


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