Managed IT Resources

Expand your IT team without the hassle

managed IT resources

The expertise you need at a lower cost

Expand or replace your internal IT capabilities, without the need for a large capital investment or a commitment to hiring full-time personnel. Companies of all sizes and industries are turning to outsourcing as a way to reallocate their resources and increase efficiencies.

We have the expertise your business needs

Dedicated Resource Team/IT Staff Augmentation

  • CNP provides a team of engineers assigned to a small set of customer networks.
  • Allows for a tailored support approach based on the customers technology needs. 
  • CNP engineers become an extension of the internal IT resources and the customer business.

Onsite IT Resources

  • Tailored resource for the customer environment and needs
  • CNP resource, but domiciled at the customer location
  • Backed and Supported by the CNP Engineering organization for projects or issues escalation

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