Will you save money using the Private & Public Cloud? Do you need the control that comes with a private cloud solution?

Many companies benefit from a hybrid that delivers the best features of both.

CNP designs custom Private & Public Cloud hybrids that:

  • Deliver a 100-percent cloud-managed network
  • Are easy to use and feature-rich
  • Can scale from small home offices to millions of users, quickly and easily
  • Provide a layered approach to security that’s both PCI and HIPAA compliant

CNP also designs private cloud infrastructure using three interrelated solutions:

  • Flexpod-reference architecture integrated and tested by Cisco and NetApp creating an easy-to-use and support private cloud platform
  • VMware/HyperV- virtualization leaders fully tested and supported with FlexPod architecture, to create the foundation of your private cloud environment
  • Veeam–backup and recovery software that unifies your private cloud infrastructure