The State of Remote Work in 2021 

“Remote and Hybrid work is here to stay,” is a phrase you’ve likely heard recently and often. Phrases such as this and “the new normal” have become a common topic of discussion throughout the American workforce since the pandemic began and have flooded social media and networking sites such as LinkedIn. But you may be surprised to learn there is some validity behind the use of these phrases. It’s not just a trend.

For instance, did you know over half of the American population is currently working remotely at least part-time? Or that 92% of employees plan to continue working from home at least one day per week?

Check out this infographic for more facts and statistics explaining the state of remote work in 2021 and what this means for communications and technology going forward; plus, how you can better prepare your workforce for a remote or hybrid work environment:

CNP State of Remote Work 2021 - Cloud FINAL